In 1992, young cancer survivor Kenon Neal founded Kids Cancer Network to provide "a dose of hopeTM" for kids and their families isolated by the rigors of childhood cancer treatment.

We are so glad you're here at the KCN website… There are plenty of opportunities on this site to be encouraged! Discover tons of wonderful hard-to-find stuff, and places to: say thanks, be prayed for, share with thousands, and be creative. Truly a kids cancer network!

Kids Cancer Network designed and sent over 150,000 FUNLETTER activity magazines to children with cancer nationwide before we went online in 2000… now YOU can print out your very own FUNLETTER at home or in the hospital. You are not alone… enjoy a "dose of hopeTM"!

World-wide Traveling Care-Package for Kids Fighting Cancer Now!

See Kenon Neal's "My Spiritual Survival Kit" through 4 cancers and 3 adoptions

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